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Our services

Business Plan Center is a website of Helmfried Business Solutions Inc. Helmfried provides companies with a wide variety of consulting services. With years of successful experience in the fields of management consulting, we have served many Canadian and international organizations. Our services will result in developing successful business models, improving organizational processes, and effectively managing projects.

Business Plan Center focuses on developing business plans. Since 2013, the company has produced hundreds of business plans in a wide variety of industries.

Our Team of Experts

The quality of our services is the result of a collaborating team of experts and advisors from a variety of industries and academic fields including strategic management, business administration, leadership, finance, industrial engineering, and information technology.


We have served companies in many industries including Manufacturing, Construction, Education, Food and Restaurant, Health Care, Tour and Travel, and other fields.

Geographical Diversity

We have served many clients around the world from Canada, United States, Middle East, and South East Asia.

Our Approach

We believe in teaming up with managers and key people in the firms that we serve. That is how the results will be realistic, practical, and sustainable.