What do we offer?

At Business Plan Center, a number of our clients are business people who need to submit professional a business plan for a variety of reasons; to apply for bank loans, government grants, many certificates and permits, immigration through investment, or even attracting personal investors.

We have had clients from different provinces of Canada, including Quebec, British Colombia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick in 30+ industries. We carefully follow the Canadian standard in the preparation of business plans and our format is reviewed, perfected, and approved by professional accountants, business consultants, and lawyers.

Business Plan Components

Here are some of the components that we use in creating your business plan:

Financial Statements

5 Years Financial Projection

Description of the Business

Mission, Vision, and a list of business activities

Industry Analysis

Structure, financial outlook, effective strategies, and trends in the industry

Industry regulations

Government acts, rules, regulations, permits, and legal concerns


List of your potential suppliers


List of competitive advantages, potential competitors, and competitive landscape of the business

Marketing Plan

Detailed marketing plan, tools, techniques, channels, and opportunities

Risk Plans

List of business risks and mitigation plans


List of insurance plans that your company needs to obtain

Tools and Equipment

List of tools, equipment, machinery, furniture, material, or office supplies


Company's organizational structure, hiring strategies, and staffing plan


List of business risks and mitigation plans

Advanced Components

These components include additional analysis for more detailed business plans

SWOT Analysis

List of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, together with strategies based on analyzing these elements

PESTEL Analysis

Analyzing your business landscape from the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal perspectives

Operational Analysis

Feasibility study, operational details, implementation plan, performance measurement strategies and tools, quality improvement plans, technical details, and so on

Financial Analysis

Funding options, financial performance measurement plans, profit maximization and pricing calculations, ROI and Break Even Analysis and so on

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Sample Businss Plan Projects

Ask for a business plan!

If you would like a quote, you can fill in a short form and we will get back to you really soon.